Meeting with Odesk

So,  finally I paid a visit to odesk's headquarter - redwood city, california, a very small town full of seniors. Before that, I was like other international providers in some other country so that I couldn't do anything while being bullied by odesk staff.

All the trouble makers are only from this so called Market Quality department. The new leader is a russian female, and after she greet me, as if she couldn't make any decisions at this department, she asked her other lower level managers - Crystal (female asian pacific islander) and Katy (female Chinese who can read speak write chinese) to talk with me. As if I'm begging these two people to set me free, these 2 managers talked like everyone's boss. "If you wanna use our site, you have to...." "now listen to me...." "we need to know where the money goes" They think they are IRS because they need to know where the money goes. And of course, there is payment verification at odesk the first time you got your payout, so what do they mean they need to know where the money goes, as if they didn't verify payment information?

After busy finding all excuses for suspending me, they finally happily justified their bullying behavior by claiming I "spamed" all my clients by sending my clients messages explaining what was going on at odesk. They said they could offer me alternate identity verification (while I'm physically sitting in front of them) through facebook or linkedin. I almost believed their conscience, and after I showed them my facebook account, the asian pacific islander said only after 4 hours a link had to be sent to my email when I can start the verification and I need to pass a test provided by odesk to be successfully verified and I need to have lots of facebook friends, and job history, if I have linkedin, they need to access my connections. 

Here you go, once again odesk wants to pry into your privacy!

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oDesk Customer Service Bully a provider

This is what oDesk customer service did to me - They manually closed every of my jobs and applications.

Even if oDesk suspended me, there is no need to do this. What makes oDesk hate a provider so much?

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Be careful of a thief - oDesk

How was a good provider crashed by oDesk For those who had been bullied by odesk, please fill out the form below!
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Be careful of a thief - oDesk (Nov 9, 2012)

Just like a dog won't give up chasing his bones,oDesk won't give up my ID - oDesk once again suspended me in order to force me to submit my ID, and on their web, they claimed that ID verification is "optional". I don't understand why the heck oDesk is so much obsessed with my privacy.

If my hard work and profile is my private property, then oDesk simply transpass over and over whenever they want - oDesk is locking my door to force me to turn in my ID to them. Sounds familiar? Yes, as seen in those movies, gangsters point their guns to your head to force you to turn in your money.

I really think oDesk is actually a business from North Korea or Mexico !

When oDesk once again tried to manipulate its providers, it successfully turned itself from a Platform into a Pimp. Odesk probably has a motto that they are nothing but slave owner, dog owner, pimp, bummer, blood sucker.

Just to give you a quick recap. oDesk once suspended me for 7 months, with an excuse to verify my NAME by forcing me to provide photo ID, address, date of birth. Far earlier than that, my profile sometimes was secretely burried from search, job invitations secretly went directly to archives, messages never arrived at personal email. etc.

Due to my fight with oDesk, it set me free a few months ago without any compensation to my loss of time and income. It also means, during my suspension, someone else was getting something. As if it is not unfair enough, oDesk changed its ranking system to something called "dynamic" which made all my previous rankings become nothing, and I was top xx provider before that !

Now what excuse did oDesk use this time? "inconsistent IP", and I told oDesk a million times that I was travelling but those bums at oDesk probably never travel nor believe any providers should travel.

As a senior victim fucked by oDesk, let me tell you the traps set by oDesk:

1. If you submit your ID, you can only work at one location, otherwise, oDesk will suspend you for "inconsistent IP". You can't work during travel.

2. If you submit your ID, some unethical bum out of nowhere will get that information and you will be a victim of identity theft.

3. If you submit your ID, oDesk patchs a hole in your wallet. Remember they check every of your single message of work, and they know your online payment information.

4. If you submit your ID, this doesn't have anything to do with solution to inconsistent IP !! In a word, oDesk just wants to simply either suspend you or get your privacy.

5. If you submit your ID, last but not least,oDesk have all your privacy.In some pathetic country, provdiers there have only 1 type of ID for everthing.
More and more theft reported in news. Someone's bank was withrawed from abroad.

But, if you are not famous, not in someone's way, you don't have to worry for a while, because I was suspended by oDesk each time when my business boomed and I got lots of projects !  I not only was forced to drop future projects, but the current ongoing projects!

I'm not the only person who had bad experiences with oDesk. There are buyers as well as providers fucked by oDesk. If you are a lawyer or reporter who is interested in our pathetic case with oDesk, please contact me. :)

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How was a good provider crashed by odesk (Dec 28, 2010)

I have been permanently suspended by oDesk! I have been a trustworthy provider, who has relatively extensive working history and very good reputation both among the oDesk community and internationally.

However, I was permanently suspended by oDesk!! oDesk suspended my profile, account, job applications, job offers and contracts in order to force me to provide private details including date of birth, photo, address, government issued ID number etc., just to verify my NAME. Odesk simply cut off my livelihood, while I have a family to support.

I feel that this act of oDesk had crossed the line. A provider should also have certain amount of privacy. I asked around, but other buyers and providers did not have to provide with such information! The information they requested from me would endanger me to potential crimes like identity theft, and I am very worried my personal information will be used for illegal purposes. Instead, I suggested to oDesk other means of identity verification like video verification or submitting a credit card, but oDesk simply rejected any goodwill to solve this problem in other ways. I lost all my future income! I have been working hard to build good reputation as a provider, but now I am simply deprived of all my rights to work!

Odesk has also suspended my access to forums, so that they can bury this issue! Because I submitted many tickets to customer support, odesk even blocked me from their customer support! Now odesk permanently suspended me NO MATTER I provide my private details or not.

Some of my clients have contacted odesk in order to testify my reliability, but odesk simply ignored their requests and even compromised one of the buyers' ID. Coincidentally enough, another new provider emerged, using the same name as mine. This fact and others that I came across may imply that these acts are orchestrated by malicious groups that specialize in ID theft inside of the oDesk community.

Long time ago before this incident, my profile was secretly hidden by oDesk from “providers search”, without any warning or notice. I wasn't aware of it until someday a buyer told me he could not find me! These mysterious hidings occurred not only once but several times! Another mysterious incident was that many of my job interview invitations from buyers ended up in archives without any notifications sent to me at either oDesk or my email! Both cases were explained and solved by oDesk as "engineering problems" after I complained many times to oDesk. On the day I was suspended, I could still easily find several users who were using obvious fake names or photos from some famous singer or movie star, but they were still happily working at oDesk!

I have heard of a lot of cases where buyers were scammed by providers at odesk, while odesk did nothing to help (http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/beware-c102579.html#c399173). Even several of my friends had very bad experiences at oDesk too! I am an honest and reliable provider and I never scammed anyone, but my account is suspended! This is very unfair!

I filed a complaint at BBB. Since the end of the debate with oDesk at BBB, I have not heard from BBB for more than 20 days, after which I sent BBB specialist Elsie Thomas emails but got no replies. Then I called BBB, but did not get a clear answer for the case until a week later. Before I resorted to BBB, I contacted oDesk CEO, marketing director and press department, by email and phone calls, but was never able to talk to any human!

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